Kimberley Locke CEO of  I AM Entertainment , Founder of The Journey To A Better YOU, and creator of What's Cooking With Kimberley 

Kimberley Locke CEO of I AM Entertainment, Founder of The Journey To A Better YOU, and creator of What's Cooking With Kimberley 

Meet Your Coach:  

Kimberley Locke

Here at “The Journey To A Better You” we know that weight-loss is not just about food and going to the gym. It is much deeper than that. Weight-loss is directly connected to your emotional relationship with yourself, why you eat what you eat, and how that translates to your daily self-care. We are committed to giving you support on your journey through love and compassion, without judgment, while teaching you to give this to yourself on a daily basis. This support will be given through 1-on-1 life coaching consultations daily or weekly to make sure you are equipped to handle everyday life challenges with family, work, food, and most importantly your relationship with yourself. We will teach you to recognize your emotional triggers and how to diffuse them in a healthy way, equipping you with tools that will benefit you throughout your journey. 

The Founder of “The Journey To A Better YOU”, Kimberley Locke, is on a mission to share with people around the world the truth about weight-loss...It begins within! Kimberley has been on her own, very public, weight-loss journey. From being humiliated on American Idol for being a plus-sized girl, to being adored by the plus-size fashion clothier, Lane Bryant (with larger than life posters plastered in store front windows across the country), to the VH-1 hit TV show Celebrity Fit Club where she lost her first 25lbs in front of the world, (driven by the fear of public failure), to finally becoming a spokesperson for Jenny Craig where she started to learn portion control by eating boxed pizza and pasta every day. Although she was no longer losing weight on national TV, the fear was still ever present as her weight-loss was directly connected to getting paid. The stress of it all only triggered her emotional issues that made her want to eat more, sabotaging all of her efforts. She finally realized that there had to be a better way. Through self-love, compassion, and non- judgment Kimberley has been able to uncover and face the emotional issues that prevented her from living her best life mentally and physically. Today she wants to help you on your journey by giving you that same love, compassion and non-judgment. Congratulations for having the courage to take the first step and welcome you to “The Journey To A Better YOU”.